Gideon Starborn

A tuskless pale Half-Orc, with hints of dark scales.


A tall, pale Half-Orc who has an odd alien air about him. Of note, he has no tusks, his hands end in well groomed and sharp claws. He is dressed in odd clothing that reminds one of a ships captain. Heavy Banded armor dons his body and a strange weapon similar to a crossbow without the “bow” is strapped to his right hip.

A strange draconic holy symbol lies around his neck.


Gideon was rescued at a young age from the Gladiatorial slave pits on a backwater trade world on the edge of the known planes. He fought in the twisted Gladiator halls for many years. Always winning, yet being beaten and tortured when he would try and escape. This is what led to his Enslavers removing his tusks, figuring the disfigurement would quell his rebellious nature. This, however, was not the case.

Immediately identified by his soon to be mentor and guardian as having draconic lineage, he was quickly rescued and his life truly began. During the rescue, he was able to exact revenge on his captors. His mentor was an Ethereal Dragon and captain of the SpellJammer Dragonship: The Light’s Revenge. He raised Gideon as his own and started teaching him the ways of Io. Gideon quickly picked up Divine Magics and ventured many places with his Mentor. Though this was short-lived. After only recently learning how to pilot a SpellJammer, and studying arcane magics, his ship was attacked by a gargantuan black ship. The likes of the ship had never been seen before. During the chaos of the fight, he was knocked off the bow of The Light’s Revenge and Gideon fell into a chaos portal in the Philostigen. Feeling like he was being ripped apart, he fell for what seemed like an eternity, only to awaken in a strange land.

Gideon Starborn

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