Elster Taramikos the Philomath

A scholar on a quest who clearly doesn't know what he's looking for.


A human man with fair skin, bright blue eyes, and black hair that is showing some grey around the ears. He is dressed in the robes of a well appointed scholar, or the bright, almost ceremonial padded armor of typical a minor noble fulfilling a military obligation.


Fair skin with dark hair, Elster stands out. Raised as a minor noble, he as been able to take risks, knowing that his family will be there to pick him up if things got too rough. As the second son, denied all but a token inheritance, he used this to his advantage when younger and earned an apprenticeship with a local Wizard who got him a space in the well know, if not highly esteemed Morgrave University.
He has tried to blend in with the noble class of the city. He is well dressed, but not flashy, earning gold and experience by hiring himself out as an adventuring mage and as a researcher.
He doesn’t see his brother as a strong leader, but knows that the family’s responsibilities are few and unimportant. He is happy to be free of the obligation, he hoped to build a legacy of his own.
Now, he finds himself on a new world, one with strange customs and a history that most residents don’t seem to understand. He seeks to unravel what has brought him here, and if there was a purpose, and to take advantage of this world that seems so young to build some institution of note.

Elster Taramikos the Philomath

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